Hello! I know it has been a hot minute since my WBFF Fitness Competition debut. I know I had mentioned that I was going to show you this journey and as I started on it, I realized how personal I wanted to keep it. This journey became more about what I could do and I wanted to keep it to myself. Now that being said and going through it, I am ready to share it with you.

Being at Worlds and taking the stage was the most amazing, scary, liberating and addicting feeling I have ever had. The minute my heels hit the stage I was hooked and I cannot wait for my next show (April 2022). What I loved most about the whole experience was how uplifting, caring and fun all the competitors were. Everyone was there to lift each other up, help when needed and just laugh with. I cannot wait to see my teammates and other competitors again.

Now what has happen since August? Well we came back, and I quickly met with my coach to go over my next plan. See I placed 5th, and for me that is amazing and I will take it. My original goal was just not biff it on stage, which I almost did lol but recovered beautifully. After talking to my coach I am going to compete in the Bikini Diva Division 35+ and 40+ to get me more comfortable on stage and to work on my stage presence more. This I know I need to work on and thus we are putting in the work. I also need to build my glutes and quads and if you have been following me Instagram @_samantha_sears_ you would know that I love leg day and let’s build them!!

However, as I was getting back into my routine life happened and I got my ever first case of kidney stones. If you have ever had them you know they are the most excruciating pain I have ever been in my whole life. It turns out I had to pass a 4mm stone and I have a 7mm stone blocking my left kidney, along with clusters on both my kidneys. So now I have to halt training and weight for a lithotripsy procedure on the 29th of this month. I will have to take a week off after and I cannot wait to get back into the gym and continue my Road To Pro! I am writing all this because I want to be completely transparent here and hope I can someone. these are photo’s from the show all the way up to ER visit with kidney stones. Life is not always glamorous and I want to show it all.

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